Eight Steps to Style Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is always described as the heart of a home and it is so easy to see why.  When asking people on their first thoughts on a kitchen immediately the one thing that comes to mind is food. There is nothing more homely and comforting than the smell of home cooking. Food is the soul of your kitchen but you need the right space and appliances to maintain it.  Styling your kitchen to make sure that these aspects happen is obviously the key.  Here at Kingston Cabinetry we have come up with eight steps to styling your kitchen.

  1. Style

Choosing the style you would like to go with is so important as it will make sure the following steps run smoothly.  There are so many different ideas you can go with here are a few ideas: a modern kitchen with all your mod-cons and with all the latest tech for your appliances, straight lines and sharp striking colours.  A country feel with warm and welcoming colours, perhaps with a sideboard to showcase your best plates and cups.  Maybe a more contemporary kitchen is for you, thinking outside the box with bright different colours to make your kitchen pop.

  1. Storage

One of the biggest things when designing a kitchen is to look at the space you have.  In our kitchens, storage and clever space ideas are the key to making the most out of your space.  Think about how much cupboard space you need and how much you will use, what kind of space do you need?  A large kitchen to a kitchenette you will need to look at what is going to be best for you. Here at Kingston Cabinets we pride on ourselves on making the most out of your space, using a magic corner is just one of the many modern and new inventions that impact a kitchen greatly when space is an issue.

Another idea you could use is having shelving units, storing cups and plates or just somewhere to put all of your cookbooks!

  1. Lighting

Often left to last, lighting in a kitchen is one of the important factors to bringing your kitchen to life. Lighting in your kitchen should be at the forefront of your mind, looking at the natural light you have and use it to enhance your room.  In addition to your natural light you need to look at what essential-task lighting you need.  Under cabinet lights will help you in all aspects of cooking and making the most out of your kitchen counter.

There are many different tricks to lighting your kitchen up. One being putting spot lights on your kick boards to give an appearance of floating cabinets.  If you are lucky enough to have an island why not use some pendant lighting to light up the space.

  1. Appliances

Again, down to the size of your kitchen what appliances you need and what space you have is what you need to work with.  With a modern kitchen, you may want all the top new technologies in your room, like a wine cooler or a kettle tap.  In a cottage kitchen you may still want the latest technologies but with something a little softer; a pastel coloured fridge or a large AGA oven to help with all that home baking (and heating).

  1. Worktops

Worktops are an important factor in your kitchen, they are going to see a lot of action and need to be very hard wearing.  Looking at traditional tops such as a granite work surface knowing that it will last.  Or why not try something a little different in an industrial style kitchen to go with brass appliances. Try a concrete worktop to add to that industrial feeling. While on the subject of work tops, we need to touch on an island or breakfast bar. If you have space, an island is a wonderful thing. It not only helps with extra storage space but it also adds to a sense of luxury.  Breakfast bars are the next on my list they are perfect for a family on the move or just somewhere to sit and speak to the chef of the house!

  1. Seating

Seating is not necessarily the most important aspect of a kitchen or you may not have the space for it.  If you do though, you need to work out how you would like it to be.  An island and breakfast bar need some high bar stools which are comfy to sit on and have a cup of tea with friends.  Or you may prefer a bench to sit on just for somewhere to perch while waiting for your food to cook.  I love the idea of a comfy chair in the kitchen where you can curl up with a cook book and look at all different recipes to try.

  1. Colour Palette

Depending on the style of kitchen you have gone for, the colour scheme you go with needs to match and how daring you want to be.  In a contemporary kitchen you may think about bright colours, or white cupboards and walls with a bright coloured appliance to stand out.  Perhaps in a traditional kitchen you prefer a cream with wooden worktops. Modern and industrial themed kitchens would work well with different shades of grey and white.  Try something completely different with different coloured cupboards not only standing out but this would be a fantastic talking point in any kitchen.

  1. Decoration

Lastly your decoration.  This is a varied step that has a wide umbrella of items from tiling and flooring to simple designs of plant pots and artwork.  It goes hand in hand with your colour palette. The colour of your kitchen cupboards and walls need to go with the type of tiling you wish to have.  Try something a bit different geometric shape tiles for a modern kitchen or why not try a little DIY and paint some of your own, really making your mark on your kitchen.

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