Space Saving For Your Children’s Bedrooms

From birth, our children are always one of our main sources of stress and worry but above all, our happiness.  They capture your heart, from the moment they arrive in the world so you want to make sure that the space they have with you, is safe and comfortable but also a place to encourage relaxation and a place for them to play.  Making their bedrooms, be it a small box room to a large bedroom, they need a sense of security and a place to be themselves.

1. Nursery

So much planning goes into your nursery from an early stage; deciding colour schemes, working out what furniture you need and how you can make the most out of everything.  Going with a white tone, not only is it a neutral colour, but it can grow with your ever growing baby. Using wall stickers that can easily be replaced helps to change the nursery into a toddler bedroom.  A chest of drawers with a changing table on top is a genius space saving trick and so easy to have all your essentials to hand.

2. Toddler Room

With all toddlers they are into absolutely everything, touching everything and wanting to explore and constantly learn new ways.  Having a bedroom that is safe for them to explore is essential.  Using sensory items around the room can help and encourage your toddler to explore and learn.  With toddlers being naturally inquisitive the most mundane appliances can seem like the perfect toy, radiators being one of these items.  Using one of our Luna, James or Juliette cabinets can stop an unnecessary burn.

Princes and Princesses

For the sparkly princess or prince, we have our princess bed.  With hidden compartments for all the storage needs and fits brilliantly in a small room. Adding a little bit of pixie dust to any room.  We can turn this beautiful pink bed into a knights castle with the fun turrets as wardrobe and drawer space, along with some shelving to hide away the secrets of the kingdom.  Again helping your child’s imagination expand and develop.

4. Den Building

A child’s imagination is not only endearing but so important to help build their character.  You don’t need a lot to encourage this, one way is to use a child’s room to help them, is to build a den.  You can be having a fairy tea party, an astronaut flying to space or even a London bus driver picking up their passengers in no time. Underneath a cabin bed is the perfect space to do this. Sheets, pillows and a few cuddly toys are all you need.  Another idea is if you have the space why not put up a child size tepee in the corner of their bedroom, using blankets and pillows not only can you store some of the endless cuddly toys but your child can have a little place to go too.

5. Teenager

Our teens are a funny breed.  Needing space to relax and having somewhere safe they can go to in a ever changing time of feelings and emotions.  You  want somewhere they can go comfortably to take their friends and to chill out.  Desk space is a must have in any teens bedroom so they can take themselves away to study and revise.  Allowing them to have a say in their colour scheme and in decorating gives them some freedom to express themselves.

6. Space Saving

All the extra accessories that come along with children be it nappies, toys, clothes, shoes you need extra space.  This is not always possible in our beautiful abodes, so space saving ideas become the key factor in getting the most out of our homes and the space we have.  A chest of drawers with a spare drawer to put all the nappies etc in, a bright toy-box with shelving attached to keep books and toys tidy.  A bed with under bed storage to put away any clothes or even a desk built into an unused alcove for a quiet place to study.  All are perfect storage solutions and are huge helps allowing more space for playtime.

7. Kingston Family

Here at Kingston Cabinetry we are a family run business, so know how important it is for the little things and how important those little people are!  Get in contact today to speak to one of our team and we can help you to organise those storage solutions or bedroom ideas.  Our customer service team are always here to help call the office on 0800 033 4759 for more information.