Natural and Man Made Lighting

Bookcase various sized shelves and LED lighting

Whether it be a chandelier, bedside lamp, lanterns, fairy lights, these are all part of our daily routines especially with the nights drawing in our lights are an essential part of our homes. Dating back to the early 19th century it is hard to imagine living without this understated household appliance.


Bedroom lighting is essential, used to make a room look and feel bigger.  Checking the dimensions and the right positioning can make a small bedroom feel like you have so much more space. Any bedroom needs more than one source.  You can use various combinations of sources from bedside lamps, floor lamps to ceiling fixtures all helping with the mood lighting to help with reading your book in bed to getting dressed.

Dimming switches are another option in your bedroom that not only are a useful appliance to turn your lights on and off and to save you having to get out of bed, they can also help with your mood lighting.

Another useful appliance to have in your bedroom or in fact any part of your house is remote control lighting.  One of the benefits of having remote controls can mean you have better control over your lighting and can reduce your costs by 30 to 50% this will also help to reduce your carbon emissions.  New technologies can help to reduce your energy bills by as much as 80%.


On average people spend most of their time in the kitchen, either from cooking, cleaning or even socialising, it is always the heart of a good party.  Having the right bulbs can be so helpful.  You can use multiple levels of lighting. Bright lighting helps make a room feel homely as you should feel in the kitchen.  Using spotlights in the kick boards of the cabinets gives them the appearance of floating a must have in any modern kitchen.

Your work tops also deserve the best task lighting you can give them; be this a downlight under your cabinets or pendants.  Using pendants over an island will help to provide a visual divide between dining and kitchen areas.  Under cabinet lights are also brilliant task lighting they are well hidden and will stop your shadow obscuring the counter top giving you the best , clear view for cutting your vegetables, using the latest LED products have less heat output, saving you money and also preventing cupboards and food from becoming too warm!


Again like in the bedroom and bathroom lighting can make your room brighter and larger.  Using the natural light in your room and a cleverly placed focal point can help the impression of a brighter room.  Using spotlighs around a mirror will help when applying your morning make up or for more precise shaving.  Again putting spotlights in your kick board around the bath it will give an illusion of a floating bath, it also helps with your mood lighting, ignite some candles and have a relaxing bubble bath after a stressful day and it will help to relax you.

Outdoor Lighting

During summer months this is essential to spend a lovely warm summers evening in the garden, spending time with family or just reading to get the last of the lovely weather.  In the winter months with a garden being a beacon that can help to lure you into the garden, some novelty garden lamps to look out onto making the space more enticing helping to extend the view beyond your exteriors.  A string of outdoor fairy lights or some nice Moroccan lamps to form a radiant glow around a chimera or a fire pit to warm you while enjoying a winters evening.

Mood Lighting

Lighting is essential when creating an atmosphere. Firstly your design brief is key. Are you designing a bright airy daytime feel, a soft romantic aura, a cosy intimate  atmosphere. When you know what mood you want to evoke you often then decide on colours and furniture. But lighting must not be left as a last thought, tied in with the right furnishings it can totally change a look and feel and the value of well-designed lighting should not be overlooked

Cabinet Lighting

Using lighting in your cabinets helps to illuminate your precious items and the photograph you wish to show.  With the ever changing technology and all finding new and simpler ways to use our lighting.  Cabinet lighting can be in used in so many different ways  we now can use in our built in wardrobes a pressure switch that when you open the door the light can come on to show and have a clearer picture of what to choose to wear, instead of looking through a dark and dingy wardrobe you can now see what you are doing.