Made To Measure Radiator Cabinets


Made to measure radiator cover with integrated storage.

Our radiator cabinets can be designed to incorporate clever storage whichever style you choose. From secret drawers hidden in the top of the Belgravia, to generous deep drawers or shelves above the Manhattan – we can build a Radiator Cabinet with the storage solution you are looking for.

Bespoke radiator cabinets with storage can be designed to cover unsightly radiators night storage heaters, air conditioning units or meter units or any other things you might like to conceal, personalised to complement the decor of your home. As with our standard radiator covers, you can choose from an endless choice of styles and finishes, giving you the ability to create a bespoke radiator cover as unique as you are, by selecting each element from the grille options and colour to the cover style and corner profile. You can also have a radiator cabinet with storage above to help keep spaces tidy.

A beautiful addition to any room, custom made radiator covers with integrated storage create storage in spaces that might otherwise be wasted.

Made to measure radiator cabinet with storage from Kingston Cabinetry – book a FREE design visit today!

Skilfully designed to echo the styling of the radiator cabinet or cover below, custom made storage options can include a variety of options. Deep shelves can be built up to ceiling height above the radiator cover if required, dresser top added with glass doors to integrate with a kitchen or dining setting. Hallways could be enhanced with a radiator cover with subtle secret drawers for keys and trinkets or bolder large drawers for hats and accessories. Where drawers and shelves are included we build the cabinet deeper – a minimum of 20cm to ensure adequate drawer space in the cover. Shoe storage can be added to your radiator covers – either in the form of drop front cabinets with internal shoe racks, push open drawers or simple shelves added to the radiator covers.

Where more storage is required we can extend the radiator cabinets to incorporate entire walls of shelving and media units for the living room. Reinforced areas ensure adequate support for TVs and media equipment as part of your radiator cover. We can also design and build beautiful radiator covers with storage above.

We have even added a coat rack above radiator cabinets for client’s hallways – giving the appearance of a hall stand rather than a simple radiator cabinet.

The possibilities are endless with radiator covers from Kingston Cabinetry – our skilled design team are ready to listen to your ideas and make them a reality. Beginning with a telephone consultation to sound out ideas for your radiator cover and possible costs we then visit the property to measure up, discuss cover materials for your radiator and showcase samples. We will then produce designs and visuals of the cover where required, to help you to ensure you have commissioned exactly the radiator cabinets you have in mind.

As with all our furniture, colour matching is available to any existing paint colour or sample. Farrow and Ball, Little Greene, Dulux are frequency requested for our radiator cabinets along with a variety of brand names and even physical samples. We scan the colour and match perfectly. Samples can be provided to ensure perfection.

Once complete the furniture will be brought to your property where the experienced fitting team will install the radiator cabinets, scribing the skirting board into the cabinet for a truly beautiful finish.

Frequently asked questions –

Can you use radiator covers on storage heaters? Yes you can.
Do you lose heat with radiator covers? Radiator covers are designed to focus the heat down and into the room and help prevent loss of heat via walls and windows.
How much clearance do you need for a radiator cover? We usually add 100mm to length, 70 to height and 60 to depth. We can take this closer with the use of internal scoops to ensure clearance and air flow.
Can you put a shelf on a radiator? Yes you can put shelves on radiator covers!
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hand Finished and Installed

Our hand finishing and hand painting team create a beautiful tactile quality to your radiator covers, and our professional delivery and installation team continue our excellent quality service buy ensuring your bespoke radiator covers are fitted exactly, and without fuss or mess.

From starting by selecting the design of your radiator cabinets to us personally delivering and installing your furniture Kingston Cabinetry will be there supporting you through every step of the process offering an amazing service from beginning to end.