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If you are looking to have your own bespoke kitchen, you don’t have to look further than Kingston Cabinetry. Our bespoke kitchens are custom-made products without pre-defined sizes and patterns. They are created around your needs and specifications and may take longer to complete than off the wall counterparts. But the benefits outweigh the extra wait and Kingston Cabinetry are experts at designing, crafting delivering and installing timely solutions for beautiful results.

Bespoke kitchens are custome made products without any pre-existing sizes or patterns

Kingston kitchens are one-of-a-kind and are custom-made to fit the dimensions of the space in which they’re going to be placed. They are truly made to measure fitted kitchens. Because there’s no standard size or pattern for a kitchen, it is the perfect way to design a kitchen that perfectly meets your needs. It’s also possible to have cabinet dimensions altered to meet your unique measurements.

Kingston’s luxury bespoke kitchens tend to be a little more expensive than their made-to-measure counterparts, but the benefits are well worth the price. A bespoke kitchen is completely unique and will reflect the story of the family that owns it.

Bespoke kitchen designs will be exclusive to you and your family’s unique lifestyle, but you should also make sure that the kitchen fits your needs and complements the existing layout of your home. Our bespoke kitchen designers can provide technical drawings and CAD illustrations to help you make a decision. If you are uncertain about the style of your kitchen and the various stages of development, our designers have the time and resources design your kitchen according to your specifications, to explain the design to crafting stages, and to take you through the installation process.

Choosing a kitchen maker is an important decision. At Kingston Cabinetry we understand what you’re looking for and want to work with you collaboratively. Please ask questions about our Company’s process, customer service, and teamwork.

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Kingston Cabinetry’s seasoned cabinet makers meticulously hand craft your furniture using traditional and modern techniques in our dedicated workshops, taking a huge amount of pride in every bespoke piece we produce. Exceptional quality and finish are standard, whatever the installation.

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