Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year and one of the most anticipated days.  Everyone celebrates it in a different way but the meaning of Christmas is still the same.  The true meaning of Christmas can at times be lost but it always comes back to us when we realise that Christmas isn’t about receiving but about the giving, sharing and just enjoying spending time with the people who we love and care for.

The build up of Christmas is filled with stress and expectation, but you can make it fun!  Christmas Markets, Santa’s Grotto and the Light Switch-on, all bring communities together. Present buying and wrapping, advent candles and calendars and the count down all add to the excitement.

Christmas Trees

There are so many different types of trees to decide from.  Each with benefits and cons.  Real trees bring a fresh feeling and smell with them. They give you a real sense of a traditional Christmas.  Put some wrapping around the bottom to bring it to life and some traditional wooden decorations to jazz it up.

Artificial trees are long lasting and now look like a real tree.  They are the perfect type of tree if you have allergies to the pine trees.  They are less messy and in a world where we are all conscious of recycling and our world around us, they have less impact to the degradation of forestry areas.  Artificial trees will last years and still look as new as the day you bought it.  Some coloured baubles and tinsel add some real flare to them.

Fibre-optic trees are perfect to save you the hassles of the yearly struggle of de-tangling the fairy lights!  They don’t need many decorations on as the changing colours of the lights help to add an extra element to the tree.  Maybe just the star or angel on the top is all it needs.

Pre-decorated trees are the answer to those of us who are Grinches and hate decorating their trees.  Put it up and it is already done for you.  With our lives getting ever busier and more hectic, these are the solution for a quick fix.


Be it the start of December or a few days before the big day, decorations help you to get into the mood.  There is nothing more Christmassy than putting a Christmas film on, hot chocolate and getting the decorations put up.  It brings a sense of togetherness.  Now, everyone is completely different, be it baubles, tinsel, a family ornament passed down, they all help with the magic of Christmas and help it come to life.

Traditional glass baubles combine with some more modern decorations can bring a warm feeling to you.  Tinsel seems to have gone out of fashion but a little around pictures helps to bring some Christmas cheer, a nice little extra touch.

We are loving wooden ornaments this year. A small church with a light on the mantle and candles lit around, gives you a sense of calm and tranquility.  Talking of mantel pieces, to help liven it up why not hang a little wooden bunting with Merry Christmas it gives a little extra touch.

Not forgetting to decorate outside a wreath or bow on your front door is always a nice little touch, with children add a Santa stop here sign to let him know they have been good.


Lights are a big part of Christmas and your decorating.  You may not like the crazy house on your street that every year goes over board, but being a child at Christmas is exciting.  To help with the countdown why not take the kids out for a drive find the houses in your town that go over the top you may need sunglasses but at least the Children will love it  and you are making those childhood memories that last a lifetime.

For inside you may want to keep it simple so the fairy lights on your Christmas tree may be the ideal solution for you.  We love having the fairy lights and a few extra light up ornaments dotted around to add to the atmosphere.   Maybe going that one step further and getting the flashing lights for the window or light up garland to go around the fireplace.

Depending on your space outside and what your taste is you can go crazy.  A candy cane trial of lights up the footpath, simple lights in your tree or hedgerow just add a little extra class and help the reindeer find their way.  If you are daring why not go for the full Christmas scene dancing Santa and Snowman the lot.


Some say that the food you eat on Christmas day is THE most important part of the day.  You may get up at five O’clock in the morning to start your prep or may just prefer a microwave meal.  The yearly debate of what food to do, the dietary requirements and what puddings should be made.  All adds to the build up and planning of your Christmas day.  Christmas day seems to be the day where all rules go out of the window especially when i comes to food, chocolate and sweets for breakfast accompanied by a glass of champagne or bucks fizz.

Homemade gifts are now becoming popular again.  There is something satisfying about not only making and giving homemade gifts but receiving them.  Knowing that person has put in the time, love and effort in making something for you.  Fudge, biscuits, Jams, Pate and gin are all becoming ever popular on the homemaking scene.

Warm & Comfy

This time of year is when our weather changes and Winter starts to show itself in full force.  We feel that there is nothing more cosy and endearing than lighting candles, curling up on the sofa with a big mug of hot chocolate and wrapped up in a blanket snuggling up with the children or your pet.

Winter walks are amazing at this time of year, frost and crunchy leafs underfoot.  Walking around the Christmas markets and looking at all the decorations, food and drink will help you get in the spirit.

Christmas day can be a whirlwind, waking up in the morning when Santa has been and stockings full of exciting presents, there is nothing more comforting than throwing on your fluffy socks and that yearly appearance of your Christmas jumper.  The most warm and comforting feeling is being around the people that you love and care for.

Christmas Evening

Christmas day evening, is where you can just relax.  You have finished visiting, having people visit, the dinner is over and you can sit down and enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones.  A board game to bring you all together, chatting and nibbling on the leftovers are always a family favourite.

Unwinding after a busy and fun packed day, is the key.  After the Queen’s speech settle down to watch a television program or film.

Spending time with your family and friends is above all the most important part of Christmas day, a time to reflect and be thankful.

Raise a Glass

So we at Kingston Cabinetry would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas.