More than just a Radiator Cover

Radiator Cabinet with Shelves

What is a Radiator Cover? You may think it’s nothing more than a fancy looking box that makes your Radiator look nice. That may be the case with some other Radiator Cover craftsmen and Radiator Cabinet manufactures. But not here at Kingston Cabinetry – our Radiator Covers are not just a box you place over your outdated radiator- they are so much more.

The words ‘Radiator Cover’ do not do our product justice; we consider our Radiator Cabinets as a piece of furniture – not just a cover.

Our Radiator Covers are individually crafted – we hold nothing in stock and everything is made to measure to fit our customer’s exact requirements and needs.

We can design our Radiator Covers with built-in drawers  to offer our customers plenty of storage space to go along with their wonderful new piece of bespoke furniture.

As standard, all our Radiator Covers are fitted with a quality shelf on top of the Radiator Cabinet. We also offer the unique feature of custom bookshelves or complete bookcases, that we handcraft to fit around your Radiator Cover.

These bookcases are made to your exact requirements – whether that’s to fit in with a quirky room, or you’d perhaps like a sloping roof – we can design and create a bookcase exactly to your taste.