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At Kingston Cabinetry, we create beautifully handcrafted bespoke kitchens in Cheshire, where your dream kitchen becomes a reality. Individually designed for all clients, reflect their lifestyle and personal tastes.

Here at Kingston Cabinetry we aim to satisfy all clients by doing our best to meet all their requirements to create a personalised and bespoke kitchen that is tailored to each individual customer.

Bespoke Kitchens Cheshire

Located in the heart of Cheshire, our showroom is perfectly situated in Cheshire, making it easy for you to visit and discover the finest craftsmanship and exquisite design.

Handcrafted Bespoke Kitchens Individually Designed

Each handcrafted bespoke kitchen is individually designed to suit your needs. Our bespoke kitchens, crafted from the finest materials by skilled craftsmen to create you a bespoke kitchen that is crafted with precision and care.

A luxury bespoke kitchen can be created for you

Our luxury bespoke kitchens are tailored to meet your exact requirements. With over three decades of experience, our specialist team will help you realise your dream kitchen.

Crafted Kitchens in Cheshire

Our crafted kitchens are renowned for their quality and attention to detail. Each bespoke hand crafted kitchen is designed to be functional and stylish.

We pride ourselves on using the finest materials by experienced craftsmen. Our handcrafted bespoke kitchens, individually designed for each client, ensure that your new kitchen is unique and perfectly suited to your home.

Arrange an Initial Consultation

To start your journey to a new kitchen, arrange an initial consultation with our kitchen designer. Call us today on 01260 221 381 to speak to one of our designers and discover how we can create the perfect kitchen for you.

Finest Craftsmanship and Exquisite Design

At Kingston Cabinetry, we believe in creating the highest quality of products. At Kingston Cabinetry, the makers, our specialist team, ensure that every kitchen is tailored to your exact needs.

Beautifully Handcrafted Bespoke Kitchens Cheshire

We ensure that your bespoke kitchen is created with meticulous attention to detail. We see each new clients requirements as an opportunity to create the best kitchen that can be created for them, we ensure that each kitchen is a work of art.

Bespoke Luxury Kitchens Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Our bespoke luxury kitchens are tailored to your lifestyle and personal tastes. From custom designed kitchen Cabinetry to exquisite furniture, we offer a complete service to create your dream kitchen.

At Kingston Cabinetry, our specialist team of makers ensures that every kitchen is tailored to your exact needs, providing you with the best craftsmanship and exquisite design for your dream kitchen.

Contact Us Today

To find out more about our bespoke kitchens Cheshire, contact us today. Visit our showroom or call us on 01260 221 381 for to discuss any and all queries you may have with one of our designers.

Visit Our Showroom

Our kitchen showroom is perfectly situated in Cheshire. Visit us today to see our Bespoke furniture and discover how we can create the perfect kitchen for your home.

Quality and Attention to Detail

At Kingston Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on our quality and attention to detail. Our bespoke hand crafted kitchens are created with the utmost care and precision, ensuring that your new kitchen is perfect in every way.

Kitchen Designer Call Us

For those looking to create their dream kitchen, our kitchen designer is available to assist you. Call us today on 01260 221 381 to discuss any queries you may have with one of our designers.

New Kitchen

Transform your house with handmade kitchens from Kingston Cabinetry. Our experienced craftsmen designers will work with you to create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

Wine Racks and More

In addition to bespoke kitchens, we offer High quality Kitchen Cabinetry and bespoke wine racks. Our furniture is crafted to meet your exact specifications and enhance your home.

One of Our Designers

Speak with one of our designers to begin the process of creating your dream kitchen. Our specialist team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

Call us today on 01260 221 381 to discuss any queries you may have with one of our designers.

Made In Britain

Bespoke British Furniture

British made furniture, built and finished to the highest standard

Kingston Cabinetry Drawings
Kingston Cabinets, Cutting Wood Panel to Size

Highly Skilled Craftsmen

Kingston Cabinetry’s seasoned cabinet makers meticulously hand craft your furniture using traditional and modern techniques in our dedicated workshops, taking a huge amount of pride in every bespoke piece we produce. Exceptional quality and finish are standard, whatever the installation.

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