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If you are planning to decorate your bed room with bespoke  furniture, there are several factors that you should consider.

Firstly, you should decide what style you want the room to have, please feel free to contact us to discuss. You can go for a French Chateau-style table, a contemporary glass table, a wooden stool or even a chaise longue.

Make sure to choose the right style and finish for your room so it matches your personal style.

Creating a Dressing room

The first step in creating a dressing room is to decide where it will be located. Depending on the style of your home, you may need to adapt a spare room, or a large cupboard. Some spaces are awkward to store items in, so you will need to plan your dressing room around this however, Kingston Cabinetry will find an innovative solution for those tricky spaces with our made to measure fitted bedroom furniture. You may consider knocking through a wall for better lighting or a sliding screen. Whatever you decide, it will be functional and beautiful!

To make the most of your space, you can use racks and hooks to display your items neatly. A chest of drawers can store everyday essentials, while a centre island can serve as a table or storage unit. A dressing table is a great space for applying makeup or displaying trinkets. In addition to storage space, bespoke dressing room furniture offers an individual design.

Mirrors are an essential part of a dressing room. You should have a full-length mirror in the room for a proper reflection and additional light. Mirrors with lights around the frame are a great idea as they make a room appear larger. Make sure to install soft lighting throughout your room with a dimmer switch. You can even have the mirror custom-made to fit your specific measurements.

Bespoke dressing room furniture is an excellent way to increase storage space in a small space. Whether you need shelves for shoes or shelves for jeans, you can find a solution that fits your needs. Getting professional advice from Kingston Cabinetry will help you plan the best dressing room. Getting a free design visit will help you see what is possible and will give you inspiration for dressing room design. Remember to think about the types of clothes you have and how much space you need for storage. A fitting wardrobe will allow you to increase the storage space by 30% and free up more floor space.

Choosing a colour scheme for bespoke dressers and other bespoke furniture is an important part of your design process. It can affect many decisions, from the colour of the walls to the colour of the furniture and curtains. It’s important to choose a colour scheme that will complement the other parts of the room and be comfortable to sleep in. You can choose to match the bespoke dressers and bespoke furniture with the rest of your home by using accessories in the same colour. It doesn’t matter what type of furniture you choose – a little splash of colour goes a long way!

Our bespoke dressing room furniture is custom-made to match your requirements, allowing you to specify the material and finish, as well as add your own design elements. This style is especially useful for those who are looking for something that is unique and has a more tailored look. You can also choose a range of designs that match your existing style of the room or complement a current range. It is possible to have your bespoke dressing room furniture designed by an expert in a particular style, giving you total control of the look and functionality of the space.

One of the first decisions you will need to make when ordering bespoke dressing room furniture is the finish. You can opt for a natural wood finish or a combination of veneer and solid wood. Solid wood can warp and move with varying temperatures and humidity, so you might want to choose a finish that is more stable. A good-quality plywood or MDF substrate will prevent warping and movement, and will be more aesthetically pleasing. The additional advantage of veneer is its uniformity in colour and tone – it also has less of an impact on the environment.

If you would like to receive a free design visit from one of our consultants please CONTACT US using our online form or call us on 01260 221 381. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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